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MSE Kids Triathlon Club

Now it's the kids turn to shine!

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Join the club anytime during the 2024 race season!

MSE Racing Kid's Triathlon Club is a USAT registered youth triathlon development club for kids aged 6-15yrs. We focus on developing age-appropriate triathlon skills while having fun. You can join the club at any point during the 2024 race season and all memberships are good until December 31, 2024.

Kids of all ability levels gain self-confidence by setting, working towards and achieving goals with their teammates in a positive atmosphere. We are aware that many youth athletes play other sports, therefore, our workouts focus on skills, fun, race day prep, and recovery to avoid additional training stress. 

Our athletes will be part of team and race together with the full support and encouragement from their training partners, coaches, and parents. We keep it fun, so they’ll keep at it. And if they keep at it, the results will follow.

Annual Membership Fee and Sibling Discount Program -

The annual membership fee is $95 for the first athlete and $75 for each additional family member.  To utilize the sibling discount program, please use the discount code: MSESIBLING for each additional sibling you register after your first child.

Note that USAT Youth membership is required to be a member of the MSE Kids Club. Upon joining the MSE Kid's Club Triathlon Club, members will receive a discount code for 100% off the USAT Youth membership fee. Use the following link with your code to obtain a USAT Youth Membership -

With your Annual Membership you will receive:

  • 1 year USAT Youth Membership

  • MSE Racing Kids Club Tech T-shirt

  • In person and virtual club workouts: swim, bike, run and fun!

    • The purpose of this club is to introduce kids to the wonderful sport of triathlon and compliment other sports. You can come to as many or as little practices as you wish. We mainly meet in the various location in the St. Charles County area, but will offer a few practices in St. Louis County as well.   ​

  • 10% discount to the following races:​

What you need - Swim goggles, swimsuit, and your own bike.  Bring a bottle of water to every practice. 

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Thank you to our sponsors!

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