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NEW! The Triathlete's Toolbox

Who is it for?

The toolbox was created with the self-coached athlete in mind. Athletes will receive guidance on how to set up their season based on training phases, goals, and races. It is an option for those who want to dip their toes into coaching, or just have some guidelines to apply to their workouts and overall plan. A Training Peaks account is included along with the core curriculum. Add-on meetings and assessments with Coach Sally are also available. Details provided upon registration.


Core curriculum:

The core classes will be provided in video format. The videos will be 20-40 minutes depending on the complexity of the topic. Athletes will also be invited to a group Facebook page where Coach Sally will provide tips, suggestions, and share information within each phase of the toolbox. Comments and questions will be encouraged.


Class 1

Training Peaks Basics

Sally will set up a Training Peaks account for you. In this class you will learn the basics of how to utilize the calendar and daily metrics. The most commonly used features of Training Peaks will be reviewed. After class 1, athletes will log workouts and provide comments in the post-activity section.


Class 2

Annual Training Plan

The annual training plan is where the season is laid out race by race. It can be a wish list or a committed list. The races are categorized according to the level of the goal and accomplishment in each. After class 2, the annual training plan can be built.


Class 3

Training Phases & Periodization

Sally’s coaching philosophy is strongly built upon periodization. Athletes will learn the various training phases and how to properly and most effectively plan a race season.


Class 4

Building workouts with purpose

Upon entering class 4, athletes have a solid foundation in their plan to begin to add detailed workouts. Workouts should be designed based on the person’s goals, ability, experience, limiters and strengths, and distance of the race.


Class 5

Designing the weekly workout schedule

The weekly schedule will be created with the above in mind along with your age, level of resiliency, limiters in each discipline, time and work schedule, family and other commitments, and more.


Class 6

Recovery modes

Recovery days are just as important, if not more, than training days. Learn about effective recovery modes and tools, active recovery, fueling for recovery, and the importance of sleep.


Class 7

Mental Training

A key component to success in triathlon includes the use of mental strategies. This skill can carry over into other areas of life. Learn how to use each and curate your own mental toolbox.






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